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Project: Shakes 'n' Cakes

As a commissioned designer, I had the goal of creating a  branding design for Shakes 'n' Cakes.

This project involved making a design of hats, inspired by their products of dessert treats, and featuring embroidery.

These stylish accessories and garments not only celebrate the brand's identity but also offer their team a unique way to express their love for desserts. 


copyright ©davudovaart 2023. all rights reserved.

Project: Luxe Therapy Logo

As a digital artist, I embarked on a journey with Luxe Therapy, a promising wellness startup. Our goal was to transform their owner's face into a digital one enhancing the idea of open-minded drawing.

I digitally drew the face and added it with watercolor-inspired elements. We worked closely with Luxe Therapy to ensure alignment with their brand's vision.

The result was a digital logo that embodied luxury and therapeutic qualities, setting the stage for the brand's remarkable beginning.

copyright ©davudovaart 2023. all rights reserved.

Project: MyCabin Leaflets

These flyers were made for the My Cabin company.

This leaflet design was to promote their business and their services to the general public.

These leaflets effectively convey their message and advertise for new customers whilst providing all necessary information.

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copyright ©davudovaart 2023. all rights reserved.

Project: MyCabin Business Cards

These business cards were made for a construction company called My Cabin.

This project involved creating new business cards, and review cards that represented their cabins in a simple way but met their brand vision.

I used their company's designated colour palette and typography to come to a clean yet effective end result.


copyright ©davudovaart 2023. all rights reserved.