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Estella Davudova


An insatiable need to explore and express myself, like a child who just came from the womb to the world, I hold that same inquisition and curiosity about life: analysing and observing, noticing little things normally surpassed, and treating life as a puzzle to explore through my work.

The privilege of growing up and living in contrasting countries such as Azerbaijan and Scotland allowed me to explore the cultural and social diversities that make up the world of art through the lens of the modern world.

Throughout my life, particularly my teen years, I suffered from depression and this has played an important role in my work. Art helped me transform my deepest despair into expressions of resilience, and as such, each piece is as transformative and enlightening as it is macabre. I'm also particularly inspired by unconventional people and places. 

I went to university to study social sciences but left this behind to pursue the freedom of self-taught artistic expression and freelance work instead of the superficial goals I had surrounded myself with.
 I hope my art creates a meaningful connection with you, inviting you to explore your own emotions and experiences.
Thank you for visiting my site and considering bringing a piece of my creativity into your life.

Welcome to my world.

With love.

-Estella xxx
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