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watercolour sea.png
watercolour sea.png

to the inner world of
Estella Davudova.

"Unconventional art for unconventional people":

Estella Davudova is an Scottish multidisciplinary artist residing in Australia.

Estella is inspired by the landscapes she encounters whilst travelling, and usually works with acrylic paints on canvas.


Her art takes you into her inner world in which you may find a reflection of yourself. Art moves people, and that's what she's to do...


watercolour sea.png

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Explore work from a diverse range of mediums including jewelry, acrylic, candle wax, watercolor and pen.

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Original paintings on canvas. Mixture of oil, watercolour or acrylic


Candle Wax 

One of a kind paintings made with melted candle wax on canvas

Jewellery Vertical.jpg


Handmade bespoke jewelry. Metal, clay and plastic

view design

Design work, from graphic design, branding to individually commissioned drawing projects

candle-wax collection

 From eerie landscapes to haunting portraits, I've created a collection where each piece made with hot candle wax tells a  story that embraces the unconventional and beckons you to explore the shadows...

acrylic collection

Acrylic paintings either on canvas, glazed with high quality sealant or on paper and framed 

For inquiries about commisioned artworks, projects or graphic design contact: